Who are the god-like beings who so easily satisfy your reason for living? Are you sure you really need to know? Then behold the glory that is the 'It's All Geek To Me' crew. No subject is beyond their discussion.

Sound and Music Samples - Jeff
Tojo fanatic - James
Logo and Website Design - Jeff
General Disarray - Brandon
Plethora of Film Knowledge - Jeff
501st correspondent - James
Finally has a job - Brandon





Brandon is probably* more awesome than you.  He finds humor in things most consider to be unnatural or disturbing.  He enjoys tempting others to the Dark Side.  Brandon enjoys Bud Ice.  Brandon hates Guinness.  Brandon prefers women with real boobs.  Brandon thinks of women with fake boobs as cyborgs.  Which makes them one step away from zombies.  Which makes them dangerous.  Brandon has been prepared for a zombie outbreak for the last fifteen years.  He has accumulated a large arsenal, survival gear, and is a master of hand to hand combat.  Brandon wants to be your friend.  Unless you annoy him.   In that case, he just wants you to go away.

*In the event that William Shatner or Bruce Campbell read this, Brandon wants to make it clear that he is NOT more awesome than you are.  Brandon bows to your greatness. 

Heard saying :
"My pee smells like turkey. That is so badass!"
"I should carry around a plunger and when someone angers me I'll scream EXTERMINATE and plunge them." "There's nothing Shatner can't do."





Tojo. Voltan. Mother-chaser. He is a man of many talents. His enemies are legion. He is a protector of many. He could warn them. If only he spoke Jovitos. He has many things to say. They start with....*shut up, James* - Brandon. Hatred for George Lucas and all of his flannelly darkness. Will probably help you move. Do we pity him? You kind of have to.
Heard saying :
"My eggs are not finite!!"
"Does she have kids?"

Jeff is the center of all things in this collective.
He is the 'Uber Technical Overlord' in this part of your galaxy. He created the causal nexus, infinity gems, stargates, and strawberry poptarts. His vast knowledge of all things sci-fi makes him superior to all lifeforms. Few beings can match his expertise when it come to quoting geek movies and television. You will never find a bigger Star Wars nerd on the planet. Was it fate that his birthday fell on the same day as the release of all 3 classic trilogy Star Wars films? No, it was destiny.
Heard saying :
"Remember, when taking over the world, comfort is a priority. "
"So try a box of Cream Filled Nipple Crunchies today."

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